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Ambiente Federal Services
Ambiente Federal Services is a Minority Owned, Hub Zone federal contracting firm providing design-build construction & engineering services. This includes a full-service environmental division, which serves federal, municipal and commercial clients across the nation. As a full-services federal consulting firm, new and incoming 8a WOSB, MBE, Alaskan/Native American Indian and tribally owned contractors rely on our expertise. We deliver performance-based contracting and technical expertise for construction and environmental disciplines.
Our Services

What We Do

Design Building Construction & Engineering

  • Vertical/Horizontal Construction
  • HVAC/Mechanical Design
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Phase II Site Characterization
  • Water Resources
  • Environmental Remediation

Comprehensive Design Building Services

  • A/E Design-Build Construction
  • Vertical/Horizontal Construction
  • Fast Track Design & Construction
  • Structural Design Engineering metal buildings
  • Modular Construction & Installation to include rapid response for temporary facilities post national emergencies
    • EPDM, Modified Bitumen, Built Up, Tremco
    • Standing steel seam roofing
    • Roof System (Typhoon rated roof systems)
  • Homeland Security – Anti Terror Force Protection (ATFP)
  • DOD Defense Logistics Solutions
  • ILS Airfield Lighting Systems
  • Airport Runway Paving
  • Airport Terminal base operations & facilities Management
  • Underground/Overhead Electrical distribution site excavation
  • Fire Alarm-Suppression
    • Wet /Dry Systems


  • Wetland Design and Construction
  • Feasibility & Pilot Studies
  • Soil excavation
  • Landfill capping
  • Ex-situ soil treatment
  • Ex-situ groundwater pump & treat
  • In-situ soil remediation
  • In-situ groundwater remediation
  • Bioremediation

Our Federal Renewable Energy Focus

  • PPA (Power Purchase Agreement)
  • Wind Turbine & Installation for USAF, NAVFAC,USACE, CA Dept. of Conservation & Approx. 23 additional Federal agencies.
  • Solar Thermal & Gasification & Alternatives
  • Solar , Wind, Biomass, Waste to Bioenergy
  • Wind Turbine-Grid Construction/Installation
  • Funding Renewable Energy Programs
  • Bio Fuels, Drop-in Bio Alternatives
  • Geothermal, Cogeneration, Biomass, Hydro-Therm
  • LED Lighting (Indoor-Outdoor)
  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Design Engineering
  • Federal Renewable Energy Wind Farm Design Engineering
  • Electrical Distribution for Solar/Wind Applications
  • CSPV (Concentrated Solar PV) Grid Systems
  • Gasification System Programs
  • Oil & Gas (Gasification Programs)
  • Biomass & BioFuels Programs (Alternative Fuels)
  • Fossil Fuel Alternatives in Renewable Energy
  • LED Lighting Retrofits for Indoor-Outdoor & ILS Lighting Systems
Our Clients

Federal and Military Clients

Our Clients